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If you have an existing solar system that is in need of service or repair, look no further. No matter who you purchased your solar system from we can help diagnose and correct your problems. We have years of experience installing and repairing many different brands and styles of solar systems. From grid-tie to off grid, commercial to residential, roof mount to trackers...we have done it all.  

We have seen, first-hand, poor quality workmanship and the effects of improperly installed systems over the years. If you suspect your system needs service, repair or perhaps isn't providing the performance that you expected, give us a call. Our professional, technical experts will carefully review and inspect your system to verify it is up to current code, that it is operating efficiently and that it is providing you the savings you deserve.  

Solar power system performance evaluation and diagnostics
Solar power system service and repair
solar power system battery and battery backup diagnosis and repair
solar power system electrical connections, voltage readings, and production analysis

Services Available


System Maintenance

Regular servicing of your solar system is the best way to ensure it is safe, efficient and performing at its best for the years to come. Even if your solar system seems to be working well, it’s important to get it checked regularly to ensure safe and optimal solar energy production. We offer and recommend this service for anyone with solar.

System Repair

Is your solar system broken, damaged or faulty? We will troubleshoot, diagnose and handle all the logistics needed to get your system repaired as quickly as possible. Inverters, solar panels, racking, electrical problems, whatever the issue we can help get your system functioning once again.

System Performance

System working but not meeting the expectations given by your installer? Let us dive in and analyze every aspect of your system. We will look for design flaws, equipment issues, simple maintenance repairs or perhaps a warranty recall. 

Re-Roofing (Removal & Reinstall)

In need of a new roof and wondering how you'll handle the logistics of your solar panel system? We've got you covered! We will remove and reinstall your solar system while coordinating with your roofing contractor. We are also knowledgeable on how to work with your insurance company to file a claim; as they typically cover this cost.

Battery/Storage Systems

We are well versed in all types of battery storage from traditional lead acid batteries to new high tech Li-chemistry batteries. Grid-tie to off grid battery systems are no problem for us. In fact, we are one of the few in the state to have Li-chemistry battery certifications from multiple battery manufactures. 


We will work with product manufacturers to ensure you receive any benefits available for damaged or faulty products.**


We do not provide warranty work based on claims or misleading contracts provided by solar sales or installation companies.  

Solar power system maintenance and repair

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We specialize in the service, maintenance and repair of solar systems; no matter the brand/product or where you made your original purchase.

Our team has unrivalled solar power knowledge, not to mention decades of combined experience allowing the advice and workmanship we provide to be trustworthy and accurate.

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